Scaling up Congress

The OpenStack Congress project aims to provide policy as a service for the data center. Congress is still in the early stages, but quite soon we expect to have our first production deployment. Consequently, we’ve spent the last couple of months improving its performance. This blog post describes a few crucial optimizations we made to achieve the following performance and memory improvements.

2014 Research Papers Relevant to Congress

While perusing the 2014 research conference proceedings, I found a number of papers relevant to Congress. In this post I’ve cited each paper, given a quick overview of the main ideas, and described why it is relevant to Congress. The hope is that some of the core ideas in these papers will be springboards to help us address similar issues in Congress.

On Policy in the Data Center - Congress

In the first few parts of this series, we discussed the policy problem, we outlined dimensions of the solution space, and we gave a brief overview of the existing OpenStack policy efforts. In this post we do a deep dive into one of the (not yet incubated) OpenStack policy efforts: Congress.

On Policy in the Data Center - Comparing policy efforts

In the first two parts of this blog series we discussed the problem of policy in the data center and the features that differentiate solutions to that problem. In this post, we give a high-level overview of several policy efforts within OpenStack.

On Policy in the Data Center - The solution space

In the first part of this series we described the policy problem: ensuring that the data center obeys the real-world rules and regulations that are pertinent to that data center. In this post, we look at the range of possible solutions by identifying some the key features that are important for any solution to the policy problem. Those key features correspond to the following four questions, which we use to structure our discussion.